If you love music, bring it home with a House Concert!

Tired of fighting your way to crowded, noisy bars to see live music? Tired of bad food, late performance starts and later last calls? Tired of the long, late rides home hoping not to get stopped. Tired of loud bands playing the same play list...sometimes not well at all? Well now there's an alternative to all that.

Music fans around the country are discovering that putting on a HOUSE CONCERT is a lot of fun, inexpensive, and a great way to entertain friends and acquaintances.

What could be better than talented local and regional artists that you may have seen in larger venues, performing for you and your friends in the comfort of your home? An intimate performance that allows you to get to know the artists and their music, up close and personal. No hassles with the distractions at your local gin mill, no more late night drives to and from crowded venues, not ready for prime time performances and all the things we put up with to listen to live music. All of this, and since it's by invitation only, you determine who attends your concert.

And now, House Concerts RI makes it easy. Read on.